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One stop shop is a venture who works for the upliftment of Construction
Industry. We aim to provide our services to any sector the help of 360-
degree Sales and Marketing Solution. Our core competency is to give
market solution.

At One stop shop, we pride ourselves on our long-term associations with
our project owners, partners, clients and exhibitors. With an Experience of
20 years, since we deal with the industry, our mission has been to facilitate
trade and open up new markets for Indian exporters.
We represent the leading exhibition organisers from across the globe. It
gives us great satisfaction that, in many cases, these associations are still
going strong.
We are the sales consultant who promise a brand to another level, we have
a direct connection between buyer and seller. we have a tie up with
national and international brand, where we serve them with a lead
generation process.
We have worked very closely with all International Exhibition company and
deliver business on time.
ONESTOPSHOP, is an all-inclusive Sales & Marketing Consultancy
Company. We deliver leads Marketing Solutions to clients in an endeavour
to solidify Business needs.
Our teams work closely with you to understand the needs of your brand, in
order to create customized Sales strategies. A leading Lead generation
service provider in India, one stop shop offers all services related to
exhibition a wide array of all services including Selling, Fabrication work,
and other relevant services. we committed to delivering quality products
with great aesthetics. Our people are constantly striving to innovate, with
customer satisfaction being our ultimate objective
Company Profile


Experience & Expertise

With 20 years of versatile experience in sales and marketing.
A thorough professional known for her results thrives, delivering
record-breaking revenue and profit gains within highly competitive
Tagged a sharp shooter for her work of excellence, hard work, and
focused attitude. Explored new markets, new places, etc. Ready to
travel anywhere.
Specialist in Construction and Building Material, Interiors Industry
Closely worked with all high-end brands. Corporate Clients.
Experienced sales professional with a demonstrated history of
working in the event and advertising industries.
With a Vision of Reaching High Hopes, Thinking Big, and Being Open to
Expertise in Exhibition Business, Selling, Revenue Generation, Client
Research, and Media Planning
Client acquisition, relationship building, and retaining clients
Adept at increasing revenues, streamlining workflow, and creating a
work environment to enhance productivity for reputed business
houses. Accumulating excellent knowledge of existing as well as
emerging industry practices and client mindsets when solving
business problems.

Skilled in sales and marketing management.
Negotiations, customer relationships, client handling, management (CRM),
sales management, fund management, and revenue generation
Strong sales professional with a Master of Business Administration
(M.B.A.) focused on marketing.

Acclimatized and seasoned in handling various angles of brand
management with an emphasis on strategy and planning,
Have ensured the maintenance of amicable relations among management
and other departments, heading a team of people to achieve the desired
goals set by the company.

Strategy Building, Marketing Plans, Client Servicing, Operational
Excellence .

Team Handling, Experienced in Exhibition Seling for 16 years,
In Exhibition Business ,
Where Every month we generate revenue of 300 sqmt in domestic Market
With BIG 5 – Dubai / Saudi, Nigeria, Euthopia – Minimum 200 sqmt per

Smart city Mission in Delhi cater major segments Water, Energy, Electric
vehicle & construction,
Also hand full of Experience in World Largest Exhibition in Building
Material and construction called ETACETECH.
Skills & Key Area’s

We are looking for tie-ups, collaborations, partnerships, or alliances with
exhibition companies or with other organizations, businesses, or entities to
enhance the overall success and impact of the exhibitions. These tie-ups can
take various forms and serve different purposes.

We are looking forward for different collaboration to scale up our business like: –
Sponsorship Partnerships:
Collaborating with corporate sponsors to provide financial support for the
exhibition in exchange for brand visibility and promotion.
Media Partnerships:
Forming partnerships with media outlets (TV, radio, print, online) to increase the
exhibition’s reach and visibility through promotional coverage.
Industry Collaborations:
Partnering with other companies or organizations within the same industry to
create a more comprehensive and diverse showcase.
Educational Institutions:
Collaborating with universities, colleges, or research institutions to incorporate
educational components into the exhibition, such as workshops, seminars, or
research presentations.
Government Partnerships:
Working with government bodies to secure support, funding, or logistical
assistance for the exhibition.

Technology Partnerships:
Collaborating with technology companies to integrate innovative solutions,
such as augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR) experiences, into the

Destination Partnerships:
Collaborating with venues, cities, or tourist boards to promote the exhibition as
part of a broader destination experience.
Tie Ups

Networking Events
Collaborating with networking organizations or business chambers to host
concurrent events that complement the exhibition and provide additional
networking opportunities.
Exhibitor Partnerships
Creating partnerships with exhibitors to cross-promote their products or
services, enhancing the overall value for both exhibitors and attendees.
When considering exhibition tie-ups, it’s essential to align partnerships with
the overall goals and theme of the exhibition. Effective partnerships can
enhance the visitor experience, broaden the exhibition’s reach, and
contribute to its overall success.

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